Unlocking Radiant Skin: Why NEWA's Radio Frequency Device Stands Out in the Skincare Game

Unlocking Radiant Skin: Why NEWA's Radio Frequency Device Stands Out in the Skincare Game

Discover the Power of NEWA's Radio Frequency Technology

At NEWA, we're excited to share insights into the world of radio frequency (RF) skincare treatments and introduce our revolutionary NEWA Radio Frequency Skin Tightening device. As skincare enthusiasts and dedicated researchers, we understand the overwhelming landscape of beauty tools flooding the market. Our mission is to cut through the noise and provide evidence-based content to guide you toward the most effective and worthwhile investments for your skincare routine.

In this post, we delve into the realm of RF technology, shedding light on its benefits and why the NEWA device stands as a superior at-home option for RF treatments. We'll explore the science behind radio frequency, the advantages of RF treatments, and the specific features that set NEWA apart from the competition. 


Understanding Radio Frequency

Radio frequency in aesthetics involves the use of an RF generator to create an alternating electric current, generating an electrical field through the skin. This process induces thermal energy and micro-injury, triggering skin remodelling. We break down the types of RF, including monopolar, bipolar, and multipolar systems, providing a comprehensive understanding of the technology.

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Benefits of RF Treatments

Short-term effects of RF treatments include the temporary tightening of collagen and elastin fibers, along with enhanced skincare ingredient penetration. Long-term benefits involve skin remodelling, leading to increased collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production. We explore the science behind the wound healing cascade and the transformative effects on the skin's deeper layers.

NEWA: The At-Home RF Solution

Our focus shifts to the NEWA Radio Frequency Skin Tightening device, a standout in the market. Backed by over 40 clinical studies, NEWA incorporates 3DEEP technology, utilizing three sets of bipolar electrodes to precisely target the dermis. We discuss how NEWA addresses challenges faced by RF devices, ensuring effective and safe results for at-home users.


NEWA's Standout Features

  • This device really stands out from competitors on the market in the following ways:
  • 3 sets of bipolar electrodes allow it to precisely target the dermis, balancing efficacy with safety.
  • It heats the dermis to 50-52 Celsius while maintaining a surface temp of 40-42 C.
  • If the surface gauge exceeds the above temperature, it will stop the RF energy until it's back within a safe range.
  • This features a 1 MHz current, within the .3-10 MHz range required for it to flow freely through our cells while also generating heat anywhere it encounters resistance.
  • In addition to the 40+ clinical studies, we also know that it can increase collagen by approximately 4% in 3 months and has been shown to work on women from their 30s up to their 70s.
  • It outperforms other options on the market when it comes to specs and research yet is one of the more cost-effective options.
  • Treatment Area: Lower Face and under the Jaw and Neck
  • Frequency: 2-3 days a week maintenance


  • Cleanse skin with a low pH, gentle, and water-based cleanser like the St Ives Calming Chamomile Daily Cleanser or Clearista Retexturizing Gel if mild exfoliation is needed.
  • Spritz the skin with a mineral mist or conductivity solution, something that is like water in texture so it won't interfere with the NEWA gel.
  • Hydrated skin is less resistant to treatments with a current like NEWA. However, layering on products before can cause issues with the gel and isn't advised. The NEWA serum is an exception though, as it's been formulated for use with the NEWA and uses ingredients proven to boost the efficacy of the treatment.
  • Use one pump of the NEWA serum.
  • Apply the NEWA gel in Delicate (fragrance-free) for the treatment with the preferred NEWA model, the Classic.
  • After the treatment, remove the gel thoroughly with a soft microfiber cloth and proceed with the normal skincare routine. Use proven skincare ingredients that work well with the NEWA like Vitamin C, retinoids, niacinamide, DMAE, and growth factors. The next morning, protect the skin with sunscreen and antioxidants.


Who is NEWA for?

We provide insights into the ideal candidates for NEWA, emphasizing its effectiveness for thinning skin, fine lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, and sagging. Whether you're approaching menopause or seeking an alternative to in-office procedures like microneedling, NEWA offers a compelling solution.



Contraindications and Challenges

We discuss contraindications for NEWA and RF treatments, highlighting factors such as hyperpigmentation, metal implants, and medical conditions. Exploring the challenges faced in creating effective RF devices, both for at-home and professional use, we provide a balanced perspective on the considerations involved.


 Stay tuned for more from the NEWA editorial team as we continue to explore the world of skincare technology and provide valuable insights for your beauty journey."

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