Asking Dr. Joseph Lepselter Your NEWA Questions

Asking Dr. Joseph Lepselter Your NEWA Questions

Have you ever wanted to ask an expert all your skincare questions? Today we’re breaking down why NEWA’s radio frequency technology is so effective, home skincare treatments in the time of COVID, and getting the most out of your radio frequency treatments.

Thank you so much for your time and for sharing your expertise with us.  Could you introduce yourself, your qualifications, and your position with NEWA and ENDYMED for those who don’t know you?

Dr. Joseph: I possess 18 years of experience in the aesthetic/energy-based market in large scale operation of clinical, medical, research & development and versatile clinical applications for numerous cutaneous indications of medical lasers, intense pulsed light, light emitting diode, radiofrequency & ultrasound technology. Currently, I assume the responsibility of clinical affairs at EndyMed Medical Ltd for both the professional and home use line of products.

With multiple at-home options for radio frequency now, what are some of the challenges in creating a device that is effective and delivers results? What makes NEWA different?

Dr. Joseph: The challenge in radiofrequency home used device technology is to effectively deliver/deposit the (radiofrequency) energy to the dermis layers deep in the skin - papillary, mid-dermis and reticular dermis - while creating safe and lasting therapeutic effect during the device operation/application. 

The NEWA, unlike other radiofrequency home used devices in the market, enables the delivery and deposition of the radiofrequency energy precisely to the dermis by its proprietary 3DEEP technology. The 3DEEP energy is delivered via 3-paired electrodes in a phase-controlled manner which heats skin volumes below the surface more than the skin surface (epidermis) itself. Since most energy is focused into the dermis, no cooling is needed and treatment is safe and pleasant.



With everything going on in the world, we have a lot of interest in home beauty treatment. Can NEWA users use their device to maintain their results between professional treatments? And how does NEWA compare to in-office radio frequency?

Dr. Joseph: Giving the imposed pandemic (home bound) life style, the NEWA is the obvious solution to maintain daily skin care either for prevention or correction. That being said, NEWA users can naturally use their device in between professional treatments. Although the NEWA multiple back-to-back weekly treatments uses lower power when compared to (monthly) in-office radiofrequency, the total accumulative energy deposition is similar in both modalities.

We also have a lot of users who own many skin devices and tools and this is something that’s been growing in popularity. What facial modalities best compliment NEWA?

Dr. Joseph: Microneedling, light emitting diodes (like Aduro), Time Master Pro, Retin-A, Nira, and microcurrent devices like MyoLift Mini and NuFace.

Something I get a lot of questions about in the NEWA Facebook Community is getting the most out of our treatments and getting the device to go green quickly. What can help?

Dr. Joseph: The NEWA new serum serves as a coupling vehicle enhancing  3DEEP conductivity and nourishing/hydrating the epidermis. 

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