Master Esthetician Lisa Brasfield On Skincare during COVID

Master Esthetician Lisa Brasfield On Skincare during COVID
It would be hard to imagine an aspect of our lives that wasn’t deeply affected by the recent pandemic, but it’s safe to say that widespread mask usage and the periodic lockdowns have profoundly changed most of our skincare routines.

Simply put, what is the point of lipstick if you’re going to hide it with a mask?

Many beauty salons and clinics have closed, and even where they haven’t, people are forgoing services because of cost concerns. People are looking for at-home versions of their favorite in-clinic treatments but the question is how effective are they compared to their professional versions? 

We asked Lisa Brasfield, a Northern Virginia based licensed Master Esthetician, Certified Cosmetic Laser Technician to talk a bit about how COVID has impacted her beauty routine.

"After the pandemic hit and esthetician’s were temporarily out of work, I started receiving a lot of questions from my clients and followers about at home devices. While I typically find most home devices to be gimmicky, there are a few exceptions.
As a general rule of thumb I have found that high quality home devices tend to be manufactured by the same companies who also create the lager medical grade devices found in Dr’s offices. This is where you find real product research and quality control. 
When researching radio frequency skin tightening devices, I found out about a company called ENDYMED Medical
ENDYMED is a medical technology equipment company that makes FDA cleared skin tightening devices that you can only get if you know, you’re a Doctor. They also manufacture a home use version powered by the same technology called NEWA. So far I’ve been LOVING my NEWA radio frequency device! I’ve found it to be pleasant and easy to use. The app reminders have really helped to keep me consistent."



To continue reading about Lisa's NEWA review make sure to check out her latest blog post! 

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