Using your NEWA with LED Devices

Using your NEWA with LED Devices

Using your NEWA with LED Devices
Today we’ll be covering a frequent topic, whether you can combine NEWA radio frequency with LED devices.

Wondering what LED devices are and how they work? For the purposes of this article, we will only be covering the wavelengths with evidence behind them - red, blue, and near infrared. And while red light therapy especially has potential benefits for the body too, we will be focusing on skin today as well.

How It Works?
Referred to as photobiomodulation (PBM), these devices use low level light at a specific irradiance (output) and wavelength that offer benefits for skin and other tissues. This is different from lasers which use a much higher output and create controlled injury to the skin.
Our skin has photoreceptors - just like our eyes - and their outer segment houses discs with photopigment inside. They’re made up of two parts - a chromophore and an attached protein called an opsin - and are responsible for absorbing photons (light energy).
When the photons are absorbed, this triggers the reactions and cell processes that are ultimately responsible for the benefits of PBM.
Red light therapy and NIR offer similar benefits and are mainly used for anti aging purposes and wound healing. Blue light, on the other hand, is great for acne due to its antimicrobial benefits.
RLT/NIR Benefits for Skin: - stimulates mitochondria within cells to produce more ATP which helps power cell processes - causes metabolic stress which strengths defenses aka the “hormesis effect” - actives stem cells which means better tissue repair - anti inflammatory effect - targets skin, hair follicles, and sebaceous glands as well as deeper tissues
BL Benefits for Skin: - targets cutibacterium acnes, the bacteria that colonizes the follicles and is responsible for breakouts via its porphyrins

- antibacterial effects
PBM with Radio Frequency
Red light therapy and near infrared have anti aging and anti inflammatory effects on the skin but does it complement your NEWA treatments?
The answer is yes, you can absolutely use them together!
Radio frequency skin tightening works by heating the deeper skin layer, a form of controlled micro damage. This heat contracts collagen and elastin fibers for a temporary tightening effect while also triggering skin remodeling and the formation of new collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid.
NEWA RF has been shown to increase collagen by almost 4% in 3 months - about 4 years worth of loss for most women. Consistent treatments following our protocols have been shown to make skin thicker, firmer, and more elastic - while reducing wrinkle depth and improving skin radiance.
You don’t need to add PBM, you can get great results from your NEWA device all by itself. Many of our customers prefer the simplicity of being able to do just one effective and clinically proven home treatment. Busy, on the go, or just like to keep things simple? NEWA and a good skincare routine with sunscreen is all you need.
However, we get many questions on using NEWA with other treatments and we know many of you use an array of at-home devices and tools. If that’s you, then you can use your NEWA with red light therapy especially to enhance results.
Benefits Together
As we covered above, RLT and NIR have anti inflammatory and wound healing effects. They also target not just the skin but the deeper tissues too.
This means that used with NEWA, you could potentially help with the healing and skin remodeling after your RF treatments. On the flip side, PBM tends achieve more subtle results and works slowly over time. So if you are using a LED device only, NEWA can enhance results significantly.
Many of the popular treatments used at home - like derma rolling or at-home laser - work via micro trauma too. Used with radio frequency, they often offer what your NEWA is already doing but either less effectively or with more discomfort.

LED is a great combination with NEWA RF because it’s not creating too much irritation or inflammation and complements the treatment.
How to Use Together
We recommend either alternating nights or using the LED device (mask, panel, or lamp) after NEWA.
If using the same day, follow these steps: - cleanse skin with a gentle, oil free cleanser - You can apply your NEWA serum now or after the treatment along with your other skincare - Apply your NEWA gel - Perform the radio frequency treatment with your NEWA+ or Classic model - Remove gel thoroughly - Using a light antioxidant product like green tea is optional but can help reduce the reactive oxygen species generated by red light therapy - Use your LED device - Continue with your regular skincare routine
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