Jawline Tightening: Treatments and Prevention

Jawline Tightening: Treatments and Prevention

Preventing sagging jowls and tightening the jawline is a common skin concern. If you’ve experienced this yourself, you may have been on the hunt for the best treatment for jawline tightening including jawline tightening creams and ways to achieve results without surgery. So let’s take a closer look at what you can do to prevent and improve sagging jowls and how radiofrequency therapy may be able to help.


Why and when do we get jowls?

Facial aging impacts the skin in two main ways. First, extrinsic aging refers to the environmental factors that cause premature aging like sun, smoking, and pollution. Because the skin is so superficial, skin aging is largely extrinsic. On the other hand, there is intrinsic aging, also known as chronological aging. That’s what comes from within: an inevitable, physiological process that can’t be prevented by avoiding environmental causes. For women for example, menopause is often one of the factors that influences intrinsic aging. In short facial aging comes from outside and inside our bodies.

When it comes to jowls and sagging skin around the jawline, this comes from our facial fat pads: they’re located underneath the skin but above muscle and bone and they begin to lose volume and support with age. On the skin level, sagging around the jawline is due to natural loss of collagen and elastin, two proteins responsible for skin firmness and elasticity. They are stored in the your skin’s middle layer, called the Dermis, accounting for about 90% of your skin’s thickness. Our body’s production of these proteins declines with age and our skin becomes less firm and elastic. With these processes taking place inside and out, jowls and a sagging jawline can begin to appear in your 30s or 40s.


How do you tighten up sagging jowls?

There are a few ways to approach the jaw area. But we’re sorry to tell you, chewing gum is not going to give you much results for tighten jowls and they won’t necessarily go away with weight loss either. Because they relate to both the skin and the fat pads underneath the skin, there are different jawline tightening treatments. At home solutions can only address the skin while you’ll need in-office intervention to target the facial fat pads directly.


At-Home jawline tightening treatments

Unfortunately, most topical skincare products won’t be able to stimulate collagen and elastin adequately to make a difference for the jaw area, but boosting your skin’s collagen and elastin at home is definitely possible. The NEWA skin tightening device is one of the best treatment for jawline tightening. It is a pain-free, no down time facial treatment that you can perform from the comfort of your couch and is clinically proven to work. In fact, radio frequency’s effect on skin has been well documented over the past 20 years.
NEWA’s RF device works by using energy waves,  known as radio waves. These waves penetrate our skin into its deeper layer – the Dermis – where they help boost the production of collagen to plump the skin. This is a great way you can tighten your jawline without surgery.



In-Clinic jawline tightening treatments

Addressing the volume loss directly with dermal filler done by a professional can often be very effective as a jawline tightening procedure and it can be combined with using your NEWA radio frequency device for best results. Surgical intervention such as facial fat transfer, which can last a while, can help as well along with microneedling, professional in-office radio frequency or ultrasound. We recommend you see a qualified provider who can discuss your concerns and the treatment options.


How NEWA RF can benefit jowls

Still, the most effective way to go if you are looking to tighten your jawline as naturally as possible and without needles is the NEWA RF wrinkle reduction device. Radiofrequency has become a popular skin tightening method over the years and rightfully so. According to a clinical study submitted to the FDA with individuals who used NEWA over a period of three months (3 times a week for the first 4 weeks and twice a week for the remaining 8 weeks), the NEWA RF results are clear: 100% of participants showed improvement in overall wrinkle appearance. In addition, 84% showed improvement in skin firmness and 75.6% showed an increase in skin collagen content. In fact, NEWA’s RF wrinkle reduction device was also proven to generate 3.8% collagen production in the skin over 12 weeks. That’s almost four years of natural collagen loss. And there’s more: most people who participated in the FDA clinical study on NEWA, no less than 89%, reported the RF device made their skin feel and look tighter after just four weeks! No wonder some 300,000 people worldwide have already made it a part of their skincare routine.


What can you do to prevent sagging jowls?

We now know that facial aging comes from inside and outside of our bodies. While there is not much we can do to stop the intrinsic natural aging process, we can target extrinsic aging and environmental factors that contribute to it. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the sun is the skin’s number one enemy. So sunscreen is your friend yet again when it comes to the jawline! Making sure your skin is always hydrated with a daily moisturizer is also a great way to prevent sagging. In addition, you don’t have to wait to see jowls in order to use your NEWA device. On the contrary, it can do wonders for prevention because RF treatment results appear over time long after you had your treatment. Collagen formation can come some 4 to 6 weeks after each NEWA treatment. So this means that after a month, you’re going to just start seeing the effects of the very first cycle you did. This long term effect is a great way to prevent jawline sagging.


Final thoughts

Jawline sagging and the appearance of jowls can happen as early as in your 30s or 40s. But there are many ways you can treat this common skin concern using solutions such as surgery, dermal fillers or even a more painless option such as radiofrequency therapy. Whether you are already seeing jawline sagging or are looking to prevent it, RF can do wonders for boosting collagen and ensuring your skin stays firm and plump.


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