How long for results with NEWA radio frequency?

How long for results with NEWA radio frequency?

You may already have heard of the NEWA RF wrinkle reduction device, a compact little handle that can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and promote skin tightening from home using radio frequency therapy. Over 300,000 people worldwide have already made it a part of their skincare routine. But let’s talk business: how visible are the results and how long before you notice them? We know that’s the million dollar question, so let’s dive into it


A little patience for big results 

We’ve all bought products that promised instant effects and delivered nothing in the past. In the age of social media advertising it happens all too often. But if you want younger-looking skin without invasive and expensive plastic surgery appointments, you’re going to need two key things: patience and consistency. This is because treatments that actually work do so by influencing skin structure and function over time. 

According to a clinical study submitted to the FDA with individuals who used NEWA over a period of three months (3 times a week for the first 4 weeks and twice a week for the remaining 8 weeks), the NEWA RF results are impressive: 100% of participants showed improvement in overall wrinkle appearance. In addition, 84% showed improvement in skin firmness and 75.6% showed an increase in skin collagen content. In fact, NEWA’s RF wrinkle reduction device was also proven to generate 3.8% collagen production in the skin over 12 weeks. That’s almost four years of natural collagen loss.

But listen up: while NEWA is proven to show statistically significant results after 12 weeks of use, most people who participated in the FDA clinical study, no less than 89%, reported the RF device made their skin feel and look tighter after just four weeks! 

This means you could start to see real improvements after one month. 

But remember: consistency is also key. It’s easy to get frustrated and give up on treatments, but results will only come if you continue to use the device as instructed. It might help to think of it this way: with only four-minute cycles per treatment area, it doesn’t require much of your time and you can also use your NEWA while doing something else. It feels like a warm and relaxing facial massage, and who isn’t here for that?



Temporary vs lasting results

It’s important not to confuse short and long-term results.

Skincare products and devices that work superficially to target the epidermis (the top layer of the skin) will work much more quickly. When it comes to radio frequency with NEWA, the heat from the device contracts the dermal collagen, giving a temporary tightening effect which you can sometimes notice right away after using it. It also helps the skincare products you apply after better penetrate your epidermis. That’s why most NEWA users report their skin looks more radiant after treatment.

These are temporary effects that can come in handy if you have an event to go to and want to look your best. But for real radio frequency therapy results, you’ll need to stick it out a little longer and also take into consideration that effects vary from person to person depending on their skin and their treatment starting point. A woman with menopausal skin will have a lot more collagen loss and will need more time to obtain results than a woman in her 20s who is just wanting to maintain her skin’s plumpness.

Keep it up

It is common for NEWA beginners to start feeling frustrated 30 days in, if they don’t see a dramatic change. If this is the case, you may first want to check that you know how to use NEWA and are doing so in accordance with guidelines. We do have a guide and tutorials for you to make sure you’re doing things correctly.

We also have some tips for you on how to make the most out of radio frequency treatment. But in general, a good rule of thumb is to expect new collagen formation some 4 to 6 weeks after each NEWA treatment. So this means that after a month, you’re going to just start seeing the effects of the very first cycle you did. 

So don’t give up: keep up with your weekly treatments and take pictures documenting your progress. You’ll see, time flies.

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