Maximizing Your Treatments

Maximizing Your Treatments

Hello again and welcome back to the blog! Today’s post is all about the practical side of things - making sure you’re getting the most out of your NEWA device.

We will be covering everything from prep, treatments, and after care as well as some basic troubleshooting for common questions we get asked in our Facebook community.

Getting Started

If you’ve just recently received your NEWA device then there’s some things you can do right from the start that will set you up for success.

First, take pictures. We see our faces each day so gradual changes over time won’t be apparent, especially changes to the deeper skin. Having pictures to compare against - and track your progress with - can really help you stay motivated.

Next, decide on a schedule. You’ll want to use your NEWA 5 times a week for the first month and then 2-3 times a week after that. Set aside specific days and times then enter it into your phone or leave a note on the wall so you don’t forget. Having it all laid out ensures you can get into a routine - and it makes it easier to alternate with other devices if you use them.

Third, familiarize yourself with the NEWA user manual and watch some some videos before doing your first treatment. Important steps like charging the wireless NEWA+ overnight, using enough gel, or working within the treatment areas can be forgotten in the excitement of getting out your NEWA for the first time.

Skin Prep

Getting your skin ready for your treatment is both simple and quick - but you do want to be sure to do it correctly!

Radio frequency utilizes an electrical current that will flow through the skin during the treatment. Makeup or sunscreen residue could potentially interfere with conductivity. 

Follow these steps to ensure your skin is prepped and ready to go:

  • If your hair is long, consider putting it back or using a hair band to keep it out of the treatment areas
  • Cleanse skin thoroughly with a gentle, oil free cleanser and fully remove after 
  • If your skin feels tight or flaky after cleansing, you can use our NEWA Liquid Gold serum to hydrate as it’s been tested with RF treatments and helps enhance results 
  • Immediately use your NEWA after cleansing so your skin doesn’t become dehydrated from moisture loss while you wait 


Once you get comfortable with your NEWA treatments, they’re very easy to do. But like any device or product, there’s a learning process the first time you use it. We will cover steps below as well as some tips for ensuring you’re getting the best results.

Using NEWA:

  • Plug in your NEWA Classic but don’t turn it on yet (or make sure it’s fully charged for NEWA+)
  • Apply two liberal stripes of gel down the electrodes and use the device to apply the gel to the treatment area 
  • Turn your NEWA to Level 2 and then press the center button on the device 
  • When the button begins flashing blue, you may begin the treatment 
  • Do small, slow circles up and down the treatment area
  • The button will go green when the area has been heated to the necessary temperature (if this is taking a while be sure to do even smaller, slower circles) 
  • At the end of the 4 minutes, the device will vibrate to let you know the time is up so you can repeat the process in the other treatment areas 
  • Clean the device and put it away 


  • Apply gel only to the treatment area you’re about to do so it doesn’t dry out 
  • Gently clean the probes between treatment areas 
  • Make sure all probes are in contact with the skin by using gentle pressure and holding the device flush with the skin 
  • If your skin looks pink, this is a great indicator that you’re getting a good treatment 

After Care

While NEWA uses the same 3DEEP technology as ENDYMED professional machines, it’s designed to be used more often so it’s 1/10th the power of an in-office radio frequency treatment. This means you don’t have to worry about downtime and it can be easily incorporated into your routine.

If you’re not caring for your skin on a daily basis, no treatment can be as successful as it would be otherwise. For this reason, we really stress the importance of sun protection. And while NEWA is effective by itself, it can be helpful to pair it with proven topicals like Vitamin C and retinoids. 

Skincare works well for prevention and targeting the top layer of the skin while NEWA has the ability to address existing signs of aging and the deeper skin.

After Your Treatment: 

  • Thoroughly remove the NEWA gel by either cleansing, rinsing with water, or using a soft wash cloth 
  • Proceed with your normal skincare routine, making sure to apply sunscreen if it’s daylight still 

Bonus Steps:

  • Apply a growth factor or peptide serum immediately after to take advantage of NEWA’s penetration enhancing ability 
  • If it’s morning, apply a Vitamin C under sunscreen to both boost protection and aid collagen formation 
  • When it comes to topical products, retinoids (and sunscreen) are the gold standard so you can use one in the evening
  • If you have a red light therapy or microcurrent device, these pair beautifully with NEWA and would go after RF


Here are some common questions we get asked and how to address them. It’s almost always an easy fix but if you still have questions, check out our FAQ or contact us at so we can help you.

Device Not Going Green:

  • Make sure you’ve applied enough gel 
  • Clean probes to ensure there’s no dried gel interfering with conductivity 
  • Slow down and do very small circles 
  • Make sure device is on level 2 and button is blinking to indicate it is on 
  • See our post on skin hydration as conductivity won’t be as good if skin is very dry 

Device Feels Too Hot:

  • Make sure you’ve got enough gel for proper glide 
  • Make sure probes are clean 
  • Do larger, faster circles 
  • If changing the circles doesn’t help then you can use Level 1 instead (always use Level 2 when possible)

NEWA+ Charge Not Lasting:

  • We recommend charging overnight prior to the treatment, not just until it says charged 

NEWA+ Blinking Orange Light:

  • Device needs to be charged 

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