Interview with Trina Albus: Skincare over 40

Interview with Trina Albus: Skincare over 40

Trina Albus is a 40+ Los Angeles based beauty content creator. She features beauty devices and skincare as alternatives to injectables. She is most active on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, and you can visit her website for a list of approved devices and a beauty device quiz to help you find the right device for you at


Today we’re catching up with Trina Albus, the skincare content creator and educator behind Beauty Beyond 40. With close to a decade of reviews on skincare devices and beauty, Trina shares skincare education for women over 40 with an emphasis on taking care of your skin and skipping the injector. Join us as we learn more about the inspiration behind her social media platform and she shares skincare advice, favorite products, and best tips for getting started with devices like radio frequency skin tightening.


Tell us a little about yourself. How did you first become interested in skincare and beauty devices and what led you to creating skincare content on social media?

I have always been interested in skincare and makeup, and when I turned 40, I noticed that my beauty needs started to shift. When I searched for videos on YouTube to help with a specific beauty need, I rarely found a creator in my age group that resonated with me. So I decided to start my own beauty channel for 40+ women! My first beauty device I tried was microcurrent, and I soon started making tutorials for microcurrent devices, which started to take off during the pandemic when everyone was in lockdown and couldn't access professional services for their skincare needs. Since then, my beauty device focus has expanded widely to include radio frequency, LED, lasers, and more.


With 8 years now on YouTube, how do you stay inspired when it comes to both creating content and remaining interested in skincare?

My community keeps me inspired! I am so passionate about testing and reviewing new devices, and making videos to help my audience decide which devices are best for them. There are so many devices launching all the time, and I normally post polls in my private Facebook group to ask which device I should test next. While my YouTube channel is focused on devices, I'm able to expand my content niche on TikTok and Instagram and post about skincare and makeup products. One of my favorite things to do is show how a trending new ("TikTok viral") beauty product looks and performs on 40+ skin.


Your content is all about getting results for over 40 skin without the use of injectables or surgery. What led to this approach and what are your thoughts on how injectables like filler and Botox are becoming so openly used and discussed?

Living in Los Angeles, it always surprised me how prevalent plastic surgery and injectables were - even before social media made it a more widespread topic of conversation. I have never liked the idea of injecting things into my face and thought there had to be a better way to age gracefully while still looking like me. I much prefer to use beauty devices that build collagen over time in my face to restore my youthful appearance - while looking like me. My goal is to show how beauty devices and skincare work on an injectable-free face, and I often include before and after photos in my content. I want to show my audience realistic results and help them decide if they want to make the investment in a new device. Some people in my community cannot get injectables for various reasons, while some of them don't want to get them. Some people do get injectables, and they can incorporate beauty devices into their routine as long as they follow the recommendations of their injector and of the device manufacturer. There is no stigma or shade around this topic like there used to be, and I enjoy talking openly about it with my community. For everyone in my community, I am the go-to resource for beauty device testing; I test all the devices first so you don't have to.


What is the skincare advice you wish someone had given you when you were starting out?

I wish I had started wearing high factor sunscreen when I was much younger. In my 20s, I never wore sunscreen because I wanted to be tan. Take one look at all the hyperpigmentation on my face now and you'll see that I regret it.


With summer fast approaching, what skincare products would you pack on vacation if you could only bring 3?

This one is easy:

  1. a tinted SPF 50 for face, neck, chest, hands
  2. lip balm (with SPF of course), 
  3. and a body moisturizer (with SPF of course).


You’ve been a long time user of our NEWA Radio Frequency decides and have fantastic videos on how to use it. What do you think someone getting started needs to know about using at-home devices?

The key things to keep in mind are:


      1. Consistency is key. Beauty devices only work if you use them. Results will often be subtle, so make sure to take selfies along the way to track results and keep you motivated. 
      2. Buy from a reputable brand that makes devices that work, has wonderful customer service, and offers a solid warranty. Brands like NEWA are easy to trust since they have conducted clinical studies and post the results on the website. 
      3. Make sure to check the contraindications and return policy for every device before you buy it. It's easy to get excited when seeing someone's results online and rush to buy it - only to be stuck with an expensive device that you can't use and can't return.


You can find Trina on YouTubeTikTokInstagram, and the Beauty Beyond website.

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